Milo at the Movies Workshop

Benjamin will be workshopping a brand new American musical titled, Milo at the Movies under the direction of Alexander Greenfield.  Ben will be creating the role of Milo, as the musical will be workshopped for 4 days in January at the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville, GA with a staged performance on January 29th.  

Milo at the Movies is an original American musical by Tom Diggs & Mark Gaylord based on the historical phenomenon of film lecturers.  During the silent film era, Hollywood film distributors sent out films to rural areas forgetting that most of the audience was made up of illiterate farm hands who couldn’t read the inter-titles.  Literate individuals would step up and narrate the films; these film lecturers became local celebrities … until the talkies came along.  Written in the style of a screwball comedy, Milo at the Movies explores the interplay between progress and obsolescence, and the importance of telling stories.  The intention of the story is to flip assumptions: the character actor gets the girl, while the beautiful are relegated to supporting players.