Thankskilling, The Musical @ Dad's Garage

Ben is currently in Thankskilling, The Musical with Dad's Garage Theatre Company performing at 7 Stages.

Here's what Dad's has to say about Thankskilling!


"What happens when you take a terrible movie about five college kids headed home for Thanksgiving break who cross paths with a homicidal turkey possessed by an ancient Indian curse and set out to make an even more terrible musical? Jeff Thomson, Jordan Mann and David Eck found out.

Thankskilling The Musical embraces the original film's shoddy brilliance, its deliberately cliched characters, bad acting, terrible puns, absurd premise and keen self awareness. Oh, it also answers the question, "Just how many possible rhymes exist for MOTHER F**KER?"

***ThanksKilling is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE.*** 
This is pretty much the most abhorrent show we've ever done. Dad's Garage is offensive in general... so the fact that we felt it necessary to have this warning should tell you how outrageous this show is. Expect sex, drugs, violence against men, violence against women, violence against turkeys, and every type of slur you can imagine. You've been warned. Enjoy!"