Bridges of Madison County @ Aurora Theatre

Prepare to be swept away by one of the most endearing love stories of all time! Aurora Theatre will dazzle audiences with its production of the timeless tale The Bridges of Madison County, on stage through April 16. Based on the best-selling novel by Robert James Waller, the now two-time Tony Award-winning musical tells the story of a lonely Iowa farmer's wife Francesca and her unexpected, four-day love affair with traveling photographer Robert. Will the passionate romance fuel Francesca to leave her family and to continue along the fiery, amorous path with her newfound love? Audiences are invited to experience the whirlwind romance that has captivated 50 million readers worldwide.

Directed by Anderson, The Bridges of Madison County takes place in 1965 on the flatlands of Iowa. After years of living and working on their quiet family farm, Francesca grows tired of the simple life. However, her bland existence quickly takes a life-changing turn when handsome photographer Robert knocks on her door looking for directions to the nearest county bridge. Over the course of the next few days, Robert gives Francesca a taste of what a life filled with spontaneity and adventure is like, and the two begin a fervent journey as they fall deeply in love.

The Bridges of Madison County is presented through April 16. A discount matinee will be offered on Wednesday, March 29 at 10 a.m. with tickets starting at $20. Regular tickets range from $30-$65 and can be purchased online at or by calling the Box Office at 678-226-6222.

Photo: Chris Bartelski

Photo: Chris Bartelski